What are the factors to consider in selecting an Amazon PPC management agency?

Selecting the right Amazon PPC management agency can make or break your success in this highly competitive marketplace. It’s no surprise that with hundreds of agencies vying for business, it can be difficult to decide on who is best suited to partner with you and ensure a successful return on investment (ROI). Choosing an Amazon PPC Agency should not be taken lightly. There are several key factors which need to be considered before committing – these include understanding their experience in their industry & platform knowledge, but also looking at cost optimization, transparency and most importantly a common goal alignment between yourself as the business owner and your chosen agency/experts. In this post, a renowned Amazon PPC agency will look at 7 important elements to consider when selecting an Amazon PPC Management Agency so you have all the information necessary to result in a rewarding partnership.

  1. Industry Experience – Every SEO agency or team of experts you consider should have a solid track record and client base in the ecommerce space, and more specifically have expertise with Amazon’s platform. Ask for references from current clients and read online reviews which can often give insight into how they operate. It is also important to interview each candidate to fully assess their experience level and feel confident that your business will be managed effectively.
  2. Platform Knowledge – A successful Amazon PPC Management Agency should know the ins-and-outs of the Amazon Advertising platform such as features, capabilities, strategies & tactics, all of which are essential for success in this marketplace. Additionally understanding buyer trends on Amazon helps to maximize ad relevance and conversions.
  3. Cost Optimization – When selecting an Amazon PPC Agency, it’s important to ensure they have a focus on cost optimization initiatives such as understanding the optimal bids for the products you are advertising and providing full monthly reporting so that you can see where your budget is going. It’s also worth considering how transparent their fees are, especially if there are extra costs associated with any of their services.
  4. Transparency – Finding out what processes, tools and techniques the agency uses to optimize campaigns is essential when selecting a partner. They should be able to provide you with an overview of their workflow and reporting system. This will help ensure they stay within their allocated budget while helping to meet your desired business goals.
  5. Common Goal Alignment – It is important to ensure that you and the agency share the same business goals, as this will help ensure success in your PPC campaigns. A good PPC Agency will help set realistic expectations and guide you on how best to reach them.
  6. Communication Style – The right Amazon PPC management agency should be able to effectively communicate their plans, progress and successes with you throughout the campaign process. They should also be able to quickly respond to any queries or questions you may have in a timely manner.
  7. Campaign Monitor & Reporting– Having an effective monitoring & reporting system in place is critical for success when working with an Amazon PPC Management Agency. Your chosen partner should provide you with monthly campaign performance reports and be able to give you insight into how they are optimizing your campaigns and meeting the KPIs you set.

By considering all 7 of these key factors, you will have a better understanding of what an Amazon PPC Management Agency has to offer and feel confident that you have chosen the right partner for your business. With their industry knowledge, platform expertise and a common goal alignment in place, you can be sure that your campaigns will be well managed and produce a profitable return on investment.  Good luck!